Museums in Switzerland

Switzerland – Land of art and culture

Switzerland is not only for mountain-climbers and skiers but it also boasts important internationally-renowned art galleries and museums. In the past, the country’s culture has been influenced by its neighbouring countries but over the years an independent and regional culture has matured out of it.

The art and cultural life has always been well presented in this country no matter if it is about architecture, music, painting, sculpture or design. Le Corbusier, a contemporary and very influential artist who grew up in La Chaud-de-Fonds is at the base of many interesting architectural monuments, like the cathedral of Nôtre Dame in France. His last creation, Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zürich, has now been turned into a museum.

For those who like fine art, the best place to visit is Basel. This big city hosts the prestigious Art museum (German: Kunstmuseum) and approximately another 35 interesting museums, like the one entirely dedicated to the artist Jean Tinguely. In addition the creations of the latter artist are clustered around the city, such as the famous Tinguely fountain at the Barfüsserplatz square in the city centre of Basel.

The International Red Cross Foundation, which was founded in Geneva in the middle of the eighteenth century, has its museum in the same city and is really worth a visit.


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