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One of the most well-known Swiss dishes is La Fondue. La Fondue is prepared in a special pot called le caquelon, using cheese, a very dry white wine made of Chasselas grapes, such as Fendant from the region of Valais, and a small amount of a cherry brandy called kirsch. Small cubes of a hearty country bread, such as Weizenbrot, are dipped into the cheese fondue using a type of fork with long handle.

There are many different variations of cheese fondue based on the types of cheese used and the ratio among them. The most well-known is “moitié-moitié”, which means “half-half” and it contains an equal amount of Le Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois. Other types of cheese fondue may contain Emmentaler, Sbrinz and others.

If you find yourself in Switzerland, then you should definitely try this Swiss specialty. And be careful not to drop your bread cube in the Fondue, or —according to one of the traditions around this dish— you may have to buy the next round of drinks!

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