Swiss Gastronomy

Having emerged as a mixture of the best elements of three cuisines, i.e. French, Italian and German, the Swiss cuisine is one of the most balanced and outstanding in the world. Besides that, it has evolved through the years in perfect harmony with the country’s natural environment and makes the best use of all the great products that this place offers.

If there was a paradise-on-earth for cheese lovers, then this would definitely be Switzerland! Through the years, the Swiss have undoubtedly mastered the production of dairy goods and especially cheese. With a milk rich in body and flavour, as the starting material, the Swiss produce dozens of excellent cheeses that one can —and absolutely should— try, while in Switzerland. Whether hard, semi-soft or soft, fresh or cave-aged, creamy or dry, with a mild or strong flavour, there is surely a Swiss cheese for every occasion and every taste.

Another Swiss specialty is the local meats, which can be dry, smoked, cured or crude. These include tasty sausages, such as cervelat, bratwurst, schublig and saucisson vaudois, the very well-known kinds of cured meat coming from the canton of Grisons, as well as various kinds of bacon and ham.

There is one more delicacy, the production of which the Swiss have mastered, and this is of course chocolate. The local master chocolatiers, have produced for a long time an excellent chocolate, which has become one of the very best and most popular in the world. Dark or milk chocolate, plain or mixed with fruits, nuts and even chili, Swiss chocolate is the perfect gift to bring back with you and share it with your family and friends.


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