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Boat Cruises and Ferries on the Rhine

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Rhine Ferries

Basel is built along the River Rhine, which splits the city in two parts; the Grossbasel and the Kleinbasel. The two parts are connected with each other by means of five bridges, i.e. the Dreirosenbrücke, the Johanniterbrücke, the Mittlerebrücke, the Wettsteinbrücke and the Schwarzwaldbrücke.

Approximately halfway between two successive bridges, one of the four Rhine ferries will quickly take you from one shore to the other, leaving you enough time to enjoy the lovely view and the romantic atmosphere. The Rhine Ferries run all year round and are a quite common means of transport not just for tourists but also among locals.

Location: approximately halfway between two successive bridges in the city of Basel

Rhine Boat Cruises

Starting in mid-April the Basler Personenschifffahrt provides you with various city and harbour boat cruises up to mid-October, as well as entertainment cruises in the evening with different themes. Fancy a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner, a mexican night or maybe a grill-buffet? Then let yourself indulge into one of these attractive 4-hour theme evenings on the River Rhine.

The Basler Personenschifffahrt owns three different boats: the MS Christoph Merian, an elegant flagship, the MS Lällekönig, an elegant and graceful boat and the MS Baslerdybli, a nostalgic, small and comfy boat.

Location: Schifflände, Basel — Phone: +41 (0) 61 261 75 50 — Internet: Boat Cruises on the Rhine

Schifflände, 4051 Basle, Switzerland

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