Rosengart Collection

Angela Rosengart, a highly-educated Swiss woman with a substantial interest in arts, was a friend of the Spanish master Pablo Picasso and collected his works over time. In 1992 she decided to open her collection to the public and that’s how the Rosengart Collection Lucerne was born. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to Picasso and its collection is quite impressive. On the first floor you can find masterpieces from other famous artists such as Paul Klee, Miró, Bonnard, Renoir, Monet and many more totalling to an amount of twenty-three contrasting classic modernist artists with well over two hundred works.

Address: Pilatusstrasse 10, 6003 Lucerne — Phone: +41 (0) 41 220 16 60 — Internet: Rosengart Collection Lucerne

Pilatusstrasse 10, 6003 Lucerne, Switzerland

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